Open up to innovation.

A designer’s dream, aluminum beverage cans offer 360 degrees of branding real estate.

The result is a true brand icon that creates a lasting impression on consumers. Add to that new production features like resealability, temperature indicators and dynamic shapes, and you have the ultimate in beverage container innovation.


44% of consumers say cans are the best packaging for delivering cool graphics vs. only 19% for glass bottles and 13% for plastic bottles!

Grab consumers’ attention with the can’s 360 degree branding canvas.

Consumers give a shout-out to the bold, colorful beverage can!


“Due to the unique shape and printing area on cans, images and designs catch my eye more than other beverage containers”


“I like canned packaging because the colorful labels completely cover the side of the package”


“I have tried a new type of beverage based on the way its container label and graphics look”


“One of the reasons I like to drink my favorite beverages from a can is the way the label graphics look on the container”